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Trellis Road

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We back founders reshaping the food system

We invest in ambitious foodtech founders solving the most important and critical problems for humans, animals and our planet.

Trellis Road is an $18m micro fund, typically investing $200k-500k in pre-seed and seed rounds of ambitious high-impact foodtech startups globally.

Launched in 2020 by two former startup founders, Trellis Road is a result of a shared dedication to having a positive impact on our kids’ future. Our name is inspired by the gentle and consistent support that a trellis provides for seeds that grow into flourishing plants.

We operate more like angels than traditional VCs. We don’t lead rounds or ask for a seat on your board. We don't have a fancy corner office or a big team of analysts. We aim to be an informal sounding board whenever our founders are facing hard decisions, want some advice, or simply just need someone to talk to.



Backing founders who reshape the food system

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